How I got into this mess!

How I fell head over heels for Silent Death.

by MXSavant

I guess the best way for me to begin is to describe how I got involved with Silent Death. My good friend Lee Erickson and I have have faced off many times across the gaming table over a long friendship of over two decades. One evening he was at our place after a hard-fought session of De Bellis Antiquitatis, a fast-playing historical wargame. He had this other game with him called “Silent Death” he wanted to show me. So after making extra room on the table for the hex-grid playing mat, we ran through a simple “fly ’til you die” kind of matchup. I think I ran a Pit Viper. I was impressed with the elegance of the game; the layout of the ship display, the combat dice system and the way the game played so quickly. I was intrigued.

Some months later after I had acquired my own copy of Silent Death: The Next Millenium and had gone through the rules several times Lee and I decided to meet and square off for real. It all went down at a local gaming parlor called Neutral Ground. And there that evening, Lee beat the pants off me. Figuratively at least. Or, he magnanimously allowed me to keep my pants. We met the next week for a rematch, which turned out to be a rerun. My new, re-tooled force of ships again went down with nary a scratch to any of his. Clearly something was going on. Without going into too much detail (I want to have something more to write about) I discovered that I had some serious gaps in my tactical knowledge. As Lee worked to educate me and I delved deeply into Silent Death in an effort to understand the mechanics of the game to my advantage I suggested one evening that perhaps we could write a Tactics Manual for Silent Death. Then-editor at Iron Crown, Don Dennis, liked the idea and our book was eventually published…with more to follow.

I’ve learned a few things about Silent Death. It’s a game of unsuspected subtlety for those who want to play at another level. It lends itself to tactical deviousness and craftiness more readily than many would suspect, and it’s one hell of a lot of fun. I’m delighted to be able to bring my experience to the task of writing about this excellent game here on, and I look forward to getting to know more of the Silent Death fan community.