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Silent Death: The Next Millennium Rulebook

Category Question Answer
Ramming In a ramming attempt, since it is essentially a pilotting duel/dodge, does the pilot of one, both or neither ship lose his/her cannon attacks that round as one would in a torpedo dodge attempt? The attacking(Ramming) ship looses its attack, unless the Firing Multiple Cannons optional rule is in effect.
Torpedoes Say a ship is hit by five MK 10s, and a MK 30. When damage is rolled on the 12 sided die, does it take its damage reduction from each of the die rolls? Normally damage reduction only comes off the total damage. You may use sequential torp resolution to have DR come off each torpedo. In this case the DR drops between impacts, if lowered by the damage track or a critical hit.
Can regular fighter point defense be used when moving into a hex containing a torpedo targeted on the moving ship? No
Since every other weapon system is subject to a die(dice) roll to hit or lock on, why doesn’t a torpedo? What makes them so smart to always hit if not prevented while other weapons controlled by gunner or computer are still at the mercy of a polyhedric random event?
  • You can dodge torps
  • You can jam torps
  • You can decoy torps
  • You can point defense torps
  • You can shoot torps
  • You can out run torps
  • Torps are a limited resource
  • Torps even have their own symbol on the weapon chart

With optional rules:

  • You can trick them into asteroids,
  • You can escape their tracking cones,
  • You can run them through a Warhounds point defense area,
  • Evade them for their entire duration

I think that is enough.


When resolving missile attacks – the rules in “Next Millenium” state on pg 63 under “Missile Results Phase” that “When resolving damage, use the High damage code rules, but add 1 point of damage for each missile fired.” The example given is incomplete – breaking down a missile hit of 5 dice where the rolls are 3, 4, 4, 5, and 3.

What if the roll was 3, 4, 5, 5, and 5. According to the high damage code it should be three 5’s + 5 – a total of 20 damage. It seems a bit excessive.

However, if the damage is only 10 – that seems rather minimal. My thoughts go back to the old rules when you just add the high dice which would make this particular roll 15 damage (an excellent missile roll and pretty rare at that.) Please clarify.

The damage on 3, 4, 5, 5, and 5 would be 20.

If one of the missiles was knocked down by PD and the roll was 3, 4, 5, and 5. the damage would be 14.

Why is a ship able to loose 1d6 missiles, but unable to fire salvos of 4, 6, or eight missiles? The reason a ship can loose d6 missiles on a crit is because there is a 1 in 6 chance to loose two shots instead of one.
Point Defense My point defense is 1-7(3). The rules state (on page 75 under Limited Defenses) that “The number in brackets next to the ship’s point defense kill spread is the number of torps or missile salvos that the ship can use its point defenses against each turn.”

Does this mean that in one turn I can fire at two torpedos and reserve the last shot for one missile salvo? Or does it mean that I can either attack up to 3 torpedos or up to 3 missile salvos – no mixing and matching?

See page 74 under Point Defense vs Missiles. “A Ship can use its point defense system against incoming missiles, too, provided that the point-defense system was not already used that turn ( i.e.,against torps during the Torp Results Phase).” You may not hold over unused point defense abilities. You cannot use 1-7(3) twice against torps in the Torp Results Phase, and then once again during the Missile Results Phase. No mixing and matching.
Fighter construction Noting limits on total weapons systems for escorts, and not remembering any on smaller ships, will there be a rules addenda? Probably.
Movement How do you have unequal numbers of vessels move so as to be as fair as possible to all concerned? Base the doubles for movement rules on the number of ships left after each side moves a ship, not on the number of ships started with.

[This reflects a change to the system set out on page 68.]

Renegades: The Espan Rebellion

Category Question Answer
Salvage Claws Can Brood use Jump Pods when caught in Salvage Claws? No, the pods are not able to move the extra mass.
What are the effect of Salvage Claws on escorts? Salvage claws may not be used between 2 escorts, they would be destroyed. Any ship engaging an escort with Salvage Claws will be hit by the escorts Point Defence Battery.

Escorts are not slowed if caught by salvage claws. Escorts are always considered faster vehicle if caught by salvage claws.

When and how often may a ship with a grappling claw make an automatic grab of a friendly ship? At the same time it would normaly make an attack with the same weapon. Once per turn.


Category Question Answer
EMP Weapons What is the damage done by EMP weapons? It is x1 vs. Brood ships, but /2 otherwise.
Missing Miniatures Where are the miniatures for the Curtis Shuttle and Borax Freighter? There are no miniatures for the Curtis Shuttle or the Borax Freighter, and there are none planned.


Category Question Answer
Damage & Damage Tracks The escort damage track key mentions the box with the arch on top is to be treated as if the Damage Reduction was 1 higher. I read this as an addition to the DR purchased in construction so that aescort with a 3 in the DR diamond has an effective DR of 4. Am I right? Incorrect. Each ship has the DR purchased. Each box has an additional point of damage reduction. eg. If an escort has DR of 5, and takes 30 points of damage, you subtract 5 for the DR, lowering the damage to 25. Now as each box has 1 point of DR, mark off 17 boxes, leaving one point of damage unresolved. That point is lost, ir does not mark of the arch on the next box. Boxes repaired do not repair the additional DR per box.
Is it legitimate to kill crew from non-functional weapons? Yes.
When fighter bays have crew boxes for people that are actually on a launched fighter, is it legitimate to kill their crew station rather than a functional crew member? No. Just like you can’t destroy a torp that has already been fired.
Weaponry How does the Constellation get away with missle launchers with 30 missles when all of the construction rules do not go higher than 20 missles? Am I right in assuming the cost and slots values just keep going up in the same pattern as they do for the smaller launchers? I ask this because I had envisioned larger missle stores for ships to conserve on crew and computer resources instead of having lots of small launchers competing for those valuable commodities. No official values for higher than 20 missiles are available.
The pilot of an escort cannot legally operate Salvage Claws or a Tractor Beam. If built into an escort, I assume a gunner will operate them. Is there still a restriction on the arcs available? Correct, a gunner will operate them. There is no restriction on Tractor Beam arcs, but Salvage Claws still must be Front arc.
What are the valid firing arcs for a Plazprojector? Currently only the Bow Front Quarter Left (BFQL), Front (F), and Bow Front Quater Right (BFQR) arcs are valid.
Captain’s Die Do these apply only to attacks? If no, how do they apply? They were intended for weapon rolls. You may also subtract them from lock on attempts.
Are they available once per game, once per turn, every roll? Once per turn.
Can the Captain’s die be used to add damage to a torpedo attack? No.
Does the Captain’s die affect damage as well as To Hit? Yes. The Captain’s die is added to damage as well as To Hit. This addition happens regardless on if it meets the damage criteria.

Ex:roll of 1-5-6 + Captain’s die of 3 with a Medium damage weapon yields 8 points of damage (5+3).

Is the Captain’s die multiplied on damage for Keel Cannons etc. No, the Captain’s die is added on after all other damage modifiers.
Does the Captain’s die count for doubles or triples on attack rolls? No. The Captain’s die does not count towards doubles or triples on any attack roll.

Ex: roll of 1-5-5 + Captain’s die of 5 with a Plazgun yields 16 damage — not the weapon blowing up.

Damage Control Is escort damage control like fighters (repairs only last until the end of the current battle) or are the boxes repaired permanently within the stated restrictions (ie. damage reduction, crew, crits, & box armor)? They are repaired permanently within the stated restrictions.
Point Defense When and for how long must an Escort shut down its Point Defense Batteries in a quadrant to dock ships? Only on the turn the ship is docking.
What do escort class Point-Defense Batteries attack? Any object that enters its field of fire. This includes Missiles, Torpedoes, friendly and enemy ships. Warhounds p15 column 1 line 4 of game mechanics strike “enemy”. Note: a Warhound P-DB system will not fire at torpedoes it launched on the turn it launched them.
Does Warhound PD fire during Warhound movement? No, though in future Warhound PD might be used for drone sweeping. This will be a Universal Night Watch upgrade.
Fighter Bays / Special Equipment Any limit on the number of fighters launching from fighter bays per turn? No, one fighter may launch from each fighter bay during the same turn, and each bay may house only one fighter at a time.
Fighter bays – carrying smaller fighters – 1 per bay, or limited by total
tonnage and crew capacity?
Max 1 fighter per bay.
Is there a maximum of 6 fighter bays/racks? There is no set limit, though each bay counts against max # of weapon mounts.
Crew If using gunnery duels is it possible to declare a Gunnery Duels with gun crews? Gunners may duel with Gun Crews, Pilots may not.
Is it legitimate to kill crew from no-functional weapons? Yes.
When fighter bays have crew boxes for people that are actually on a launched fighter, is it legitimate to kill their crew station rather than a functional crew member? No. Just like you can’t destroy a torp that has already been fired.
The pilot of an escort cannot legally operate Salvage Claws or a Tractor Beam. If I built a Tractor Beam or Salvage Claws into an escort, I assume a gunner will operate them. Correct.
Torps Can Escorts carry optional torpedo loads? No, Escorts can only use the standard and Command Guided (DXH) torps.
Since DXH torps are not specifically targeted, when do they move? At the very end of the movement phase.

Night Brood: First Contact

Category Question Answer
Drones Can Grub drones be hidden on asteroids or in other debris in order to mask them from Terran ships? No.
Page 55, Destroying Drones: What, exactly, qualifies as an energy cannon? It should be any cannon.
When drones attack a gunboat or escort, how do you resolve which shield
the attack is made against?
The attack is made against the shield in direct LOS.
Will drones attack asteroids that move within range? No.
Can a drone be captured with a tractor beam? There won’t be an official ruling on this until Night Brood Armageddon.

Currently, yes. The lock-on range is reduced to 6 and has -2. A
failed attempt triggers the drone.

Can drones be triggered by ships on the other side of an asteroid? Yes.
How do Venter Torps effect Drones? If a flak counter is placed on a hex containing a Drone, the Drone will suffer the same effect as a ship that is not moving. If a Drone is moved through a flak token, it suffers the same effect as a ship moving through a token (It must still be hit per normal).
Larger Brood ships / Worm Pods Will we see any rules for larger Grub ships or get a ship display for Worm Pods? It would be nice to have a way of stopping the normal ship to ship fights with a few well timed Grub patrols from a warned swarm. The ship display for worm pods will be in Night Brood Armageddon.
Jump Pods Can Brood use Jump Pods when caught in Salvage Claws? No, the pods are not able to move the extra mass.
Can a Brood ship move through an asteroid while using a Jump Pod? Yes.
Tight Turns Do Brood ships pay +3 for tight turns (some ship displays do not list
Yes. [tentative from Don Dennis] [Being verified with author Craig Marik]
Warhounds What are the effects to a grub ship that is screened? They are -4 to hit, cannot drop drones, cannot launch spore moles, and cannot use a drone mover.
Can Brood beam weapons still hit any Escort shield at close range? Short range must be to the desired hex. If short range is to the Bow and not the Stern, you could not arc fire into a Stern shield.
How do Escort Point Defense Batteries work against Drones? They don’t work well. If placed within the “no fly zone” PD will shoot the Drone. If, however, the Escort moves through an area covered by a Drone, PD WILL NOT shoot the Drone.

Universal Night Watch

Category Question Answer
Torpedo Locks Page 17, Effects of scans on Ink: Are there torpedoes besides Missile Torpedoes that need to roll for lock-on? Torpedos have to maintain a lock on a target to follow it, though usually no roll is needed. A roll is necessary for all torpedoes to maintain a lock on ships if Ink is interfearing.
Jamming Does jam a ship mean scan or screen? Screen
Tachyon Weapons What is the damage of the Tachyon Cannon? Tachyon Ram? The Cannon does High damage, and the Ram does All.

Kashmere Commonwealth

Category Question Answer
Damage Reduction Template Page 28, Damage Reduction Template: Where is it? Use the standard costs/slots for Damage Reduction as Presented in SD:TNM and Warhounds.

Space Junk

Category Question Answer
Satellites Are satellites restricted to firing one weapon without penalties? No. A satellite can fire all of its weapons with no penalty.
Minefields Are the rules for minelayers storing mines correct? If so, why does the Dain seem to contradict them? The rules are correct. Like many other ships, the Dain does not follow the normal design rules.
When do laid mines become armed? They are armed at the end of the turn after the one in which they were laid.
How are minefields removed from play? Minefields can only be removed by a mine sweeper or when the minefield rolls triples on an attack (which still does damage).
Do mines attack torps or missiles? No, just ships.
When do minefields attack ships? Minefields attack ships as they enter a mined hex. Stationary ships are not attacked.
Can you use RPs to replenish a ship with a minelayer? Yes.
Asteroids Do moving asteroids affect ships debris, drones, or ink that are in their path? No. A reasonable option is to remove debris and drones when an asteroid moves through the hex and to modify the ink dispersal roll by -1 for each asteroid that entered or passed through the ink that turn.
Turn Sequence What is the Terrain Effects Phase? It is the same as the End Turn Phase.


Category Question Answer
Miniatures Are there plans, in general, to make miniatures available of every new non-variant ship? Mostly Yes. Some non combat ships may be passed over like the Borax Freighter and the Curtis Shuttle.
Ship Builder Software Do you plan to upgrade the Shipbuilding program to include escorts and Grubs? Yes, eventualy.