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Site Updated!

As you can plainly see, we have changed the main site. For those of you who were registered on the main site (not the forums, which has a  separate login system) of the previous version of the website, you will have to re-register.

Our apologies, but there was no easy way to bring the user database across.

Once you have re-registered, and logged in, you will find a link in the upper portion of the right-hand sidebar. This leads to the Dashboard, where you can edit your profile, or upload files to the site. Much easier than you used to on the old site.

The gallery pages also allow you to upload images to the site as well. The images won’t show up until they are approved. However, the upload currently doesn’t allow for uploading titles or descriptions, so you will have to send a message to either MX Savant or Kagetora to get them to edit the data for the image.