Where We’re Going in 2014

So 2012 saw Metal Express bring Silent Death: The Next Millennium back to this classic game’s fans, and 2013 was the year of stasis as Dr. Greaves and I found ourselves completed submerged in our professional duties as educators of higher learning and other mischief. While Silent Death in particular and Metal Express in general didn’t expand on the existing games with new supplements, we did manage to bring back the plastic Core Ships for Silent Death, work out technical kinks in our web store, and perform other behind the scenes chores to make things run smoothly in the web store and on the Metal Express Forum.

Now we’re into a new year, and we’re intent upon making 2014 a step forward for Metal Express in general and Silent Death: The Next Millennium in particular. Hard experience has taught us that we need to accept that as much as we are enthusiastic about Silent Death: The Next Millennium, we have to work within our limited resources, and that includes time. So to this end, we’re setting ourselves a series of goals we’d like to reach over the course of the year, projects we will tackle one at a time, like peeling an onion:


1)   Publish a revised Night Brood supplement and ship stats, including a Design System including rules for Night Brood mutations (lots of radiation out there in space!).


2)   Publish a revised Terran ship design system, and revise all existing Terran ship displays to conform with the revised design rules.


3)   Publish a science fiction ground combat system set in the SD:TNM universe.


4)   Publish a Bladestorm supplement adapting the system to historical setting from ancient times to the renaissance.


5)   Publish a set of WW2 tactical ground combat rules based upon the Metal Express Dice Engine.


6)   Add new ship miniatures to the Silent Death: The Next Millennium range.


7)   Publish new House books for House Red Star, Luches Utopia, House Tokugawa, and other factions  not yet in print.



So there you have it, our goals for the course of 2014. We’ll be giving it all the old college try, however we will keep our aspirations rational and reasonable, and tackle these projects one at a time, like peeling an onion, and in the mean time, start adding new photos and information on the Metal Express Home Page and Forum for the enjoyment of all of you, the loyal fans of Silent Death: The Next Millennium and Bladestorm, who have done so much to keep these fine games alive through all of the trails and challenges that have beset this series once too often for all our liking.

So keep on playing, keep on painting new ships for your favorite House, watch yer sixes, and stay tuned to your TBD receivers for future transmissions on this secure channel!


Leland R. Erickson

Metal Express Creative Content Team Evil Genius in Residence

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