Silent Death is BACK!!

Metal Express is back and under new management. Veteran Silent Death authors and designers Sheldon Greaves and Leland Erickson are ushering a new era in SciFi miniatures gaming.

Our first year will focus primarily on Silent Death. We are in the process of upgrading and fine-tuning various aspects of this classic miniatures game. In response to requests for greater internal consistency, we are revising Silent Death’s unique ship design system that lets players create their own ships. These refinements will improve play balance and allow for greater varieties of ship designs. In addition, all the core ships are being revised to comply with the new system. For players new to Silent Death, MX is preparing a new starter set.

We are also releasing some ships that never quite made it into production before Silent Death went out of print. The first of these will be the Colosian Totenkopf warhound, followed by some freight and passenger hulls, soon to be part of a new Silent Death Campaign System, currently undergoing revision and testing.

We are developing additional new rule sets and revisions for mines, boarding actions, logistics, and more. All of the original house books are available, and a new revised version of the main rulebook, Silent Death: The Next Millennium is also in the works. This will include the new design system and a few other tweaks to the basic and frequently used optional rules.

Note: If you are a customer who has an outstanding order that was placed under the previous management and have not yet heard from the new management, please contact Sheldon Greaves at [email protected].

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