Where We’re Going in 2014

So 2012 saw Metal Express bring Silent Death: The Next Millennium back to this classic game’s fans, and 2013 was the year of stasis as Dr. Greaves and I found ourselves completed submerged in our professional duties as educators of higher learning and other mischief. While Silent Death in particular and Metal Express in general [...]

Silent Death is BACK!!

Metal Express is back and under new management. Veteran Silent Death authors and designers Sheldon Greaves and Leland Erickson are ushering a new era in SciFi miniatures gaming.

Our first year will focus primarily on Silent Death. We are in the process of upgrading and fine-tuning various aspects of this classic miniatures game. In response [...]

Site Update in Progress

If you swing on by and see funny things happening. Don’t worry, we are just doing a little tidying up of the site, now that it is under new management.

Note: There are several links for purchasing products on this site. Those links do NOT work. We are working to get our own online store [...]

Another Eagle Soars Amongst the Stars…

In Memorium: Lt. Colonel Lee Archer, Tuskegee Airmen and Fighter Ace:

I have had the honor and privilege of meeting a number of Lt. Col. Archer’s fellow members of the 332nd Fighter Group and listen to them recall their adventures great and small. Truly they earned their moniker “The Red Tailed Angels” one and all. [...]

Operation DryDock II

Operation Dry Dock II includes 23 new ship designs of all sizes and types from older Imperial era ships to modern Draconian designs produced by House Colos. Included are ships for House Red Star and the Unkulunkulu Archipelago as well as war drones from the Datasphere. House Tokugawa, the ASP Technocracy, and the [...]