Quick-Start Rules released

Almost 25 years after it’s first release, Bladestorm is receiving a very important update. Today, I am proud to announce the release of the new Quick-Start Rules for MX’ tabletop skirmish game.

First of all, it’s a facelift to say the least. The cover itself is an outlook on the type of artwork which we want to see also with future releases. Crisp, capturing illustrations will meet battle scenery on the inside which is taken from actual tabletop action. As can be expected from a title which is released in 2015, the new release is full color inside and out.

Bladestorm Quick-Start Rules 7601

On the content side, the Bladestorm Quick-Start Rules resemble the Basic Game of the main product. Conventions, dice-rolls and the underlying mechanics are explained in detail. Changes to the Rulesbook include:

  • The ability to also use map sheets with 1 inch square tiles which have become increasingly popular with tabletop roleplaying games.
    This feature will evolve in the upcoming Second Edition release
  • Text rearrangements to the battle example to clearly follow the turn sequence.
  • Introduction of a turn-sequence bar to help keep track of an ongoing skirmish fight

The Quick-Start Rules then offer a more detailed view on scenarios and game balance. For this purpose the concept of Total Point Cost (TPC) is explained. You can then dive into the two scenarios to start your first game. In the first one, you can replay the example fight. The second scenario is offered on the backdrop of the Bladelands known from Shadow World. Here, on the continent of Folenn, soldiers of two warring holds engage into a standoff at the gates of an outpost.

Both scenarios are supported with full featured combatant cards. These cards also mark an advancement over the previous release. After months of play testing, we are happy to offer these streamlined cards as free downloadable templates. Quickly produce stats for your combatants (and units) and store them on your computer for later use.

In the last chapter, the Bladestorm Quick-Start Rules focus on combatant creation. Two ways are lined out which intend to achieve the following:

  • A random (yes, random) method for creation involves a number of dice rolls to create a combatant that is fit to be played under the Basic Game Rules. Games setup under this method are not going to be fair or balanced and might result in some ludicrous fellows.
    However, this method introduces the mechanics of combatant creation, which you can do by paper or with the help of an software tool.
  • The planned method of combatant creation makes use of an Excel based helper tool called the Bladestorm Calculator. It is also offered for download as a free version to support combatants introduced in the basic game.
    The Bladestorm Calculator uses the same basic approach that has been outlined during random combatant creation but instead of dice, it gives you the ability to fine tune every aspect of the combatant or unit you wish to create.

This concludes my little tour of the new Quick-Start Rules. Download, setup and enjoy a test drive of this really cool and fully customizable tabletop game.

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